Europe, rather than the UK, would suffer the worst consequences of a Brexit. Deutsche Bank’s chief economist said earlier this week that Brexit would be “devastating” for the continent, consigning Europe to the status of a “second rank” power.

Brexit will consign Europe to a second rate world power

“The referendum is generally seen as a ‘UK’ issue, when it is better seen as a European issue” said Philippe Gudin of Barclays.

No wonder they are worried and as for Cameron he is still going cap in hand to a second rate politician, looking for handouts. Why, what is in it for Cameron that he is prepared to shackle us to  a failed and unelected totalitarian state?

This is betrayal of the highest order.

vote for UKIP the Tory Party is a failure and does not represent the people; It is time to get rid of them.

We are a big country brimming with talent, a world leader. It is only our pigmy politicians who believe otherwise.


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