Cameron doesn’t even pretend any more, he is guilty of an act of perfidy. In other words an instance of wilful betrayal to his country. 

Behind him we have MPs such as William Hague Mr about face, Hammond, Boris look at me on the fence, Eric Pickles all guilty of the same thing.

They are truly deserving and worthy of contempt.

 at one time we used to hang them. Now they wear their badge of shame on their chests for all to see.

Cameron was never serious about renegotiation, that is now fairly obvious. Cameron is supposed to represent 70 million people, a nuclear power and the fifth biggest economy in the world, yet he is on his knees to Juncker who once led Luxemburg, the size of Bristol!

Words cannot describe the shame I feel that this pathetic little man is the leader of this country.

He knows that he is taking us on the path of distinction and that the long held dream of an Islamic state is just around the corner. He also knows that England will resist this Islamic movement. Whilst the police will come down on individuals who resist in the first instance, they will inevitably be overwhelmed.

This is the road Cameron is taking us on and well he knows it. gagging everyone whilst the establishment does its own thing is a very, very dangerous move.

Corbyn, the SNP and the lefts attempts to get us subjugated to an unelected Brussels cabal, secret plotters, that’s what they are, will come back to haunt them. Fraudulent votes wont help them either, why;

because the average true Labour voter is proud of their country.

Above all I am ashamed of the sheer gutlessness of what is left of the right wing Eurosceptic MPs.

Marxist Labour is now a total disaster and that is an absolute fact. The Liberals are going back to obscurity, which is where they belong, and the SNP will get what they deserve when they leave, which they will. They have already managed to get rid of the mutual respect we once had for one another.

The Tory party who I voted for the whole of my life are nothing more than a misnomer. A misnomer is a special kind of mistake: its a wrong name. We are now looking at a party who are Liberal and leaning to the left. the answer to this is;

Vote UKIP the only party to truly represent England.


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