Oxford – Cameron

Cecil Rhodes statue will remain in place for one reason only and that is because Oxford are being hit where it hurts most, in their pocket. Hopefully more donors will withdraw their support, that way we can get another left wing university dealing with the realities of life instead of making foolish decisions.

The Cologne sex attacks have been compared by a Marxist Labour MP to a typical night out in Birmingham. So there you have it ‘out of the horses mouth’ yet this is the party who dismantled our borders and brought in up to four million refugees so that they could ‘rub the right’s noses in it’

Despite all that they are still at it, trying along with that MP called Farron, who has yet to learn that he is finished. Now they want so called ‘lone children’ to be admitted. The moment you do that there will be endless relative’s coming out of the woodwork.

Emotive appeals that is what they are and unlike Sweden and Finland who will actually try to deport economic migrants, once they are in this country our authorities including our judges will let them stay.

Cameron’s conspiracy with Brussels and others is about to be revealed, A break on payment benefits could be applied. That in itself is more than usless but even so it is Brussels who will apply the break!! sod parliament.

Every day Cameron sees fit to insult our intelligence with his inconsequential demands. He has no negotiating power, he is a pathetic little poodle with his MPs trailing  behind him. Merkel’s poodle government.

Germany should bear in mind that there are to date, over four million who will not accept German domination over England. We beat you before and we will do it again.

Vote UKIP Our government has lost its way, its ambition and its desire to be an independent nation.


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