Gender and immigrants

Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield invites children as young as 13 to describe their gender as one of 25 different options!

How on earth did we get these foolhardy people into power. This is a classic case of sitting on your brains, how damn stupid can you get; Cameron must have known what was going on.

It is bad enough that we are talking to tiny children about homosexuals in schools etc.   pandering to these minority groups who are destroying the best years of a child’s life. Now to ask them these idiotic questions is nothing more than sickening. They are male and female Anne Longfield and those who may have some legitimate problem are an absolute minority and we can deal with it. The Children’s Commissioner should be put out to grass and soon. Cameron ought to take notice that the vast majority of people are sick of this foray into sickness by his government.

Anne Longfield says that she is;

‘making the country a better place to grow up for young children’

 Absolute  rubbish’

 If that’s the case then she should take a very long holiday and stop confusing young and impressionable children by asking them sick questions.

Google and others get away with everything because there’s a promise of better things to come for politicians and the civil service. They are all greedy and there is no one better than the Americans to introduce the most ugly part of Capitalism to those with their hands permanently out in this country.

I read Boris Johnsons biography on Churchill. We saw that Churchill was without doubt a very human and person prone to mistakes, however, what came through was his devotion to his country, putting his life on the line whilst serving his country and beyond during the Second World war.

Churchill put his country above all else and would take a positive stand on this referendum and would certainly  not be sitting on the sidelines wondering whether a no exit would tar his political ambitions.

Churchill seems to have influenced Boris in so many way, reading his book will tell you that.  Boris, however, is a coward because his principles are subject to which way the wind is blowing.

It is such a shame as he could lead the charge for democracy, a right to be independent and a truly sovereign country. You would not have ask Churchill even once let alone twice.

Cameron is still running around Europe with his begging bowl; I am totally ashamed for him and England.

One final word, keep quite Mr Farron, you are not wanted.

Vote UKIP. Soon Cameron and his politicians will allow immigrants from all sections of Europe and beyond to insinuate themselves every where in  England. Our way of life is about to be decimated and all thanks to English politicians. Where are the right?


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