The Prime Minister goes to Davos and why not, he is an ally and promoter of multinational corporations. It is these companies who want us in the EU because it suits the greedy and seedy men who run them. What does it say about our PM, one thing is clear he is running with the wolf pack, he doesn’t care if they eat us as long as they ignore him.

Violent crime is up by 27% and immigration is a factor. We have murderers, rapists etc. moving around our streets with impunity. We have judges who have given the open door to immigrants on the Calais side (over 7,000 people) and the EU threatening us to take more or else!

The Schengen border is now a complete and utter mess and we are in danger of being completely overrun; so what does Cameron do? He is running around like the typical blue a—-d fly desperate to keep us in this flea bitten, unelected monster.

I am European to the core  said Cameron. I would much rather that he was British to the core, but he isn’t. He is a left wing Liberal pretending to be Tory. I have never voted for him although I have voted Tory all my life. I would not vote for a lying and deceitful person such as Cameron; the man disgusts me.

As for the other who have changed their mind and are now meekly following Cameron, they like him, should lose their seats.

Middlesbrough district of Gresham has lost its soul. The highest concentration of Asylum seekers in the UK. The towns residents have lost their town and we are losing our country to an endless supply of immigrants, and this is the thin end of the wedge. Does Cameron and his pathetic little cohorts care, of course they don’t.

What has happened to our great country we have the left, ensconced in most of our institutions and quite clearly a corrupt civil service who pass high fee paying jobs amongst themselves.  Only in the civil service do you get rewarded for dismal and utter failure and a generous pension to match.

We need a right wing government and a modern reform act to eject the greedy left wingers lining their pockets. Believe or not we still have the equivalent “Rotten Boroughs” floating around. Birmingham was likened to a Banana republic because of fraud that took place on an industrial basis.

The last election which saw UKIP beaten in Oldham, Guardian editor Hellen Pidd said a ‘dismaying number of voters she met couldn’t speak English but they are all voting Labour!’

What about the Electoral Commission, have they done anything, I doubt it. First the Banana Republic, then Oldham; and these are just the ones we know about. What is going to happen on the referendum? cannot speak English, don’t worry just vote like the Labour party, vote in.

Everywhere we look we see corruption in one way or another and those who suffer most are the indigenous population.

Vote UKIP and get rid of these self seeking greedy people. England can be great again and Scotland can go off and do its own thing.



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