Islam and its ugly side

Mohammed Shamsuddin and Abu Halima as shown in the Daily Mail on Wednesday, are shown sniggering at beheading whilst eating food at a restaurant.

Can someone please tell me how we in this country (whatever the rules are) are allowing these pigs to treat us and above all the victims with such contempt. Theresa May should say to hell with rules, pick them up and their families and send back home. If they want to go to Syria then let them go let them all go, give them their passports and kick them out now, and so too for anyone else.

What sort of mentality is it that we keep anyone here who want to go to ISIS. It is bad enough that we have sympathetic judges who protect these people. Personally  I am of the opinion that we need to get rid of these judges who disobey the wishes of Parliament. I am sick of left wing supporters who continually attack the sovereignty (what’s left of it) of Parliament.

That smug girl who attacked a man with her Louboutin Shoes, as is usual for women she has virtually got away with it. This was aggravated assault using a sharp heel driven into this mans eye. If it was me I would be looking at the Bible, an eye for an eye – –  If a man did this he would without doubt be spending a lot of time in prison.

Today I received the EU EUROPE AND YOU full of lies and paid for out of our money. Surely we are not going to go along with this. The truth of the matter is that we are in the process of subjugation of England to a New Reich who are about power, just power. They couldn’t give a damn about who and what we are, above all they really still are ignorant of the fact that we will not be bullied into giving our country away despite the traitors in our parties; have they forgotten the last two wars?

We are now going to send 1,000 troops into Poland ostensibly to frighten Putin!! that aside, it is all about Cameron giving in to Poland to gain their help. If Putin decides to give us aggravation it is British troops in the front line. If something nasty happened then NATO will not come to our aid, let us not forget Ukraine; NATO will come into play if there a real threat.

As for the EU blackmailing us to take migrants or they will ensure that we lose our rights to send back migrants to the first country  of origin, please.

I have a strong feeling that this is a nasty but clever little ruse by Cameron and the EU. I would not be surprised if Cameron comes back with his bit of paper and says that he has won the day, and that it will not happen.

Watch this space, however, on the other hand, Daniel Hannan  has stated that several other nasty little items have been put on the back – burner until the  referendum is over i.e.  the Belgian Commissioner has a scheme to harmonise welfare and social security around the EU which she want to apply to all 28 member states, but she is holding off ‘not to scare the horses’ Cameron is keeping that one quite.

The EU is intent on a Super State and if we stay in we are dead and Cameron knows this. Cameron not only digs his heel in the back of our soldiers but he is kicking our country into the long grass for nothing more than political prowess, i.e.  I can do it.

Sir,We_Are_At_War-Original- cover

Sir, We Are At War





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