The police and others

It is not just Lord Bramall the police should apologise to (God knows he deserves it) We have seen the police intent on their witch hunts with the public; quite often people felt persecuted. Then there is the  press and others who have lacked the ability to defend themselves. what has gone wrong? at one time most people felt proud of our police force. 20 officers descending on an old man home, famous or not is derisory.

The worst part of it is taking note any old fool who like to make himself famous by coming up with pure fantasy. Nick as he is called should prosecuted so too should Tom Watson; hiding behind parliamentary privilege is not good enough.

False and defamatory claim have been made against this man, backed up and acted upon by a police force who had no evidence. He should now sue the police and Tom Watson whose role in this was purely political.

I listened to Corbyn on the Andrew Marr show, the man is clearly not of this world and is totally dangerous because of his naivety, yet he is supported by the Marxist labour left. Today’s youngsters do not fully realise what it was like in England when the unions ruled the roost. Bodies on the street, rubbish everywhere, destruction of the railroads, car industry (Leyland etc) violent picketing and so on. It took Margaret Thatcher to sort them out and that is why they hate her.

Another speech by Cameron to Muslim Mums, grow up Cameron. More of our money spent on Muslims, what he needs to do is say get on with it or get out. If he thinks that extra millions will sort out the violent ideology of Islam then he is a bigger fool than I thought. Like other he appeases them instead of dealing with the problem. Again he is talking about a review of Sharia Courts!

There shouldn’t be a review because there should not be Sharia Courts. We have the law of the land which applies to all

This is total appeasement, where ever you look there is appeasement and its about time it stopped. Get rid of the Madrassas and radicals and tell those who don’t like to go so too those who are going to Syria etc take away their passports.



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