If anyone falls for Cameron’s rabbit out of the hat then they will need their heads well and truly tested.

This has been going on for a while, first the EU say you are not going to get what you want and so on. Then Cameron comes up with his “I’m fighting for Britain” etc. but we all know that it is a complete and utter stitch up on both their parts.

If you listened to Andrew Marr and Nick Clegg today you will have seen quite clearly that Turkey is on the way in. Because Clegg states that they are not interested anymore, shows you quite clearly that the opposite is true.

When Clegg tell you that coming out of Europe wont make any difference to migration, we need to start worrying.

These politicians are feathering their own nests and if they need to give their country away to do it then they most certainly will.

We are talking about a bunch of traitors who care nothing for their country and we the people need to get that on board.

We have already seen the  initial cost of allowing thousands of Muslim migrants in to our country. As for Merkel’s foolishness’ it is now becoming a reality. These are different people who scorn a woman’s place in society. There simply is no equality, none whatsoever and that is why they treat our women with complete indifference; they have no place in our society.  Added to which Merkel has unleashed a violent party whose remit goes far beyond the status quo; the cycle has started again.

This is something that women should bear in mind when Cameron and his pathetic little cohorts try to con us with Dave’s style of referendum, we can talk about it but you cannot  He is not only a cheat but he is quite openly blatant about it; but that is because Cameron thinks we actually are real plebs.

We must come out of Europe and regain our full sovereignty, we don’t need the New Reich we are a nation who can still be a leader in world affairs,

Don’t let these political pygmies tell us otherwise.

Vote UKIP and I hope that the other parties who will want to come out will stop their foolishness and get together, this is far to important to us all. so forget any indifferences and get on with it.



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