Andrew Marr show Sunday 10th

I watched Cameron respond to questions by Andrew Marr and it was clear that he is the most despicable liar and cheat.

This man care absolutely nothing about the people only what he wants. He is a classic spoiled rich kid grown up..

Unless his pathetic little cabinet gives him what he wants he will delay the referendum until he finds another way round the roundabout.

He like the vast majority of his cabinet and MPs is a dyed in the wool liberal, leaning to the left whilst holding on to the right by  constantly lying, hopefully to keep them in place.

His MPs shout a lot but do nothing, they care more about their position and cash. As for those who genuinely want to get out then do something and do it now. Is there anyone who has any principles or are they all totally gutless.

If this government stopped appeasing Muslims and the New Reich then we would all be better off.

Soon rather later the fan is going to hit, this government is pushing people to the brink.



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