Cameron and leftist Britain today

They are saying that Emily Thornburry should be ashamed of herself, accepting £50,000 from a an organisation whose members should be brought to account for harassing our troops. Let us face the facts, it is like asking a fox to feel guilty because he ate your chicken.

there is one thing about the Marxist Labour party and that is they don’t even understand what shame is. This is why they brought in up to four million immigrants into this country to rub our noses in it; whose noses? the indigenous English population of course and still they have people who vote for them.

They allowed megalomaniac  Blair to take us to war on a false pretence, as a result hundreds of soldiers died and were maimed.

They then started the process of destabilising Christianity and brought in elections prone to fraud by their friends the immigrants, who lost no time in cheating the once reliable system.

Now they have given us the ultimate slap in the face by handing over the once proud Labour to a bunch of fanatical Marxists who now pose a very real threat to this country.

The Corbyn backing fanatics believe that terrorists have a right to embark on terrorist attacks because they have a right to defend themselves and their movement! NUS Shelly Asquith and the ex mayor of London (to name a few) will no doubt afford the same right to those on the right who may feel the same way if and when they adopt the same attitude!

These people abound because we now have a political class who are totally divorced from, not only life but the people of this England.

Have you noticed it, treachery nearly always comes from the top down, often from good schools or universities. First Cambridge, then John Costello who threatened to expose the Soviet spy network in Oxford, right through to today where universities are still at it, giving for example uninterrupted time to that foul organisation called Cage.

As for “Safe Space” how can we be so absolutely stupid as to allow this to happen. I thought University is where you sent the brightest youngters, how foolish of me. It is true of course that we are run by the minority in this country, something that has to change.

There is a dearth of men with balls at the top, not surprising really when they seem to spend most of their time indulging in unpleasant practices and making sure the establishment stays on top.

We saw the other day that a man who sneaked into the  tunnel, jeopardising the lives of many people has been given a right to stay! board, food money etc. This is what our judiciary are doing, do you think that they are not aware of the implementation of that, of course they are, it is a deliberate attempt to open our doors to anyone who manages to sneak into our country. We can no longer rely on our politicians or our judiciary to protect our interest’s; their priorities lie elsewhere.

Cologne is but an example of what we are about to get, soon hundreds of thousands of German immigrants will use their permits to get into this country. Cameron has just stated he will not close our doors to workers, a clear admission of what is to come.

We are now in clear danger right now from all direction of the compass. Kim Jong will press the button if he is able to; the man is clearly unstable.

As for Corbyn he will still be saying peace whilst he is in the bunker and the rest of us fry.

Unfortunately we have a Prime Minister who is a complete and utter disaster. He has had a decade to sort out the Muslims who are now a threat to all and sundry; appeasement is his name.

He is for Europe to the point where he is almost fanatical, showing  complete and utter disregard for his country.

Vote for UKIP who represent England, there are no traitors in UKIP whereas to the Tory party is now becoming synonymous with treachery.


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