Cameron and the referendum.

The pace is ‘hotting up’ The Polish government have switched their policy of resisting benefits to outright blackmail. Now they want us to supply them with permanent NATO bases. First they want to bleed us dry and now they want British forces to face up to the possibility of confronting Russian troops; money and now soldiers lives on the line.

This would be tragic but for the fact that Cameron will do anything to stay in Europe and that would be putting front line troops to face up to Russian forces.

Let us face it this a Prime Minister who has allowed treacherous and greedy lawyers along with MOD (name and shame them now) to hound soldiers to their grave, so the last thing he would think about is putting troops in line for a first attack. Russia has already shown us in Ukraine that they have plenty of ways to ‘skin a cat’ without a full scale attack.

We have government who persecutes its soldiers for doing what they ordered them to do, can you think of anything more disgusting. So lets wait for it, but I bet Cameron will go for the NATO bit..

You will notice the Germany and France are reluctant to put men in. The EU have already poked the Russian bear, now they want the Brits to do it up front, bear witness to Ukraine and the results there; despite the attack on a  NATO  member NATO stayed away; and they would probably do the same thing if we got attacked. Like I said Putin has many ways to ‘skin a cat’ and is prepared to use them.

But they all know, particularly Poland, that we have the weakest Prime Minister in the world backed by his sniveling and pathetic MPs. It is why we need a right wing government in England.

The Pegida movement has taken of and there is no-more to blame than the Labour party who went out of their way to bring in anyone and everybody into this  country to “rub our noses in it” Under the Labour party the French called us Londonistan and how right they were. The law of unintended consequence is that we in this country are now moving inexorably  towards civil war.

Cameron in the meantime seems  totally unable to see the writing on the wall, he is a true heir to Blair, always telling us what he intends to do then doing nothing. He has ignored Sharia courts, taken back Muslims who have been trained overseas and has completely failed to sort out radical Islamists in England.

Come in on a back of a waggon and will give you leave to stay for five years, a place to live and plenty of pocket money. Now we have a (his words) Moroccan living in England (where have we heard this phrase before) chief of security in the House of Commons!! the mind absolutely boggles.

To top it all Cameron is taking charge of housing. can he tell us how many of these house will be given to immigrants?

On the Sky News this morning the Pegida item was reported on, I  waited for the reporter to relate it to UKIP, then I thought no, unlike the BBC it wasn’t going to happen but it did, right at the end; it was too much to hope for, she managed to get something in about xenophobic UKIP members. How truly pathetic.

Vote UKIP we have to get out of this mess.


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