A billion a month to overseas aid

A billion a month to the European Union

Did someone say we are short of money!

Mark Warwick, Iraq Historical allegations believes many of our soldiers should be brought to account, why for doing their job. On the other hand greedy lawyers should now be brought to account one way or the other, I think we have had enough of these people. We should now name and shame anyone who works for them.

The European Human Rights should not apply to armed conflict. This is something UKIP should put in its manifesto. You can be sure of one thing and that is Cameron, Heir to Blair couldn’t give a  s—t about our soldiers otherwise he would have sorted it out after 10 years.

I am sick of the EU, they are a total menace to our country, we must get rid of them at the referendum along with the endless, endless immigrants.

What is the point of British soldiers putting their life on the line so that they can be pursued by our own people. It is the most disgusting thing ever.



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