Cameron, Defence Ministry and Ireland

They are not going to give up are they, Ireland and its citizens who murdered over 3,000 men, women and children are salivating at the mouth to grab a few more soldiers over 40 years after the event.

The ratbags in our Defence Department are determined to hound British Paras to the end, but thanks to Blair and the Labour Party they did a deal to exclude Irish murderers  from facing justice whilst setting up a (£200 million enquiry) which had every intention of finding the Paras guilty.

Remember this it was the Labour Party who played this unspeakable act on British Soldiers.

What has Cameron done about this, the answer is nothing, he has had a decade to protect British troops from greedy lawyers and civilians looking for a hand out but has done nothing. In that time he has had the Queen shaking hands with Irish citizens who have been instrumental in killing our citizens, including our government in their actions.

Yet the Irish give sanction to those obsessive and greedy companies who don’t wish to pay tax in Britain. They are clearly not our friends but what is more important is that Cameron, the Defence Department and Irish police have shown us that it is they who are the real enemy to our soldiers.

Cameron,s “long walk to a Greater Britain” please does anyone actually believe this man! he talks about extremism, yet he has done nothing about it in his 10 years in office. Sharia Law is more or less rampant in England and the Muslims are treating the law of the land with total and utter contempt. Radical preachers still abound and the fifth column which I have been talking about for years is getting stronger every day.

As for a Greater Britain, sorry isn’t this the man who is prepared to lie and cheat his way to a referendum, ensuring that he give Britain away to an unelected regime under the control of Germany; doesn’t he mean a Greater Euro?

If you read Littlejohn in the Daily Mail today he summed Cameron up beautifully

Only this week we learned that our contributions to the EU now top £1 billion a month. Another report claimed that EU legislation covers enough pages to stretch for 130 miles.

Is that all?

Call Me Dave promised to sort all this out, to seek a fundamental renegotiation of our EU membership. At the last election, we trusted him to keep his word.

We have learned to our cost that he was lying through his teeth.

There’s been no attempt to unravel the fisheries policy; or the Common Agricultural Policy; to repatriate powers to make our own laws; or to scrap many of those absurd regulations which now exist only because of Brussels diktats.

He isn’t even attempting to control immigration, merely obtain a worthless opt-out on benefit payments.

Then he thinks he can scare us into voting to stay, by wheeling out predictable horror stories about millions of jobs being lost and every family being thousands of pounds worse off if we get out.

It’s pathetic. It’s dishonest. It’s insulting. This isn’t about technicalities, or ‘influence’ or whether we can trade freely and thrive economically without the wonderful EU — which, of course, we can.

It’s about whether we are a sovereign nation, with the power to make our own laws and determine our own destiny.

Perhaps the Prime Minister would like to explain to the legions of British sea anglers he’s just criminalised at the EU’s behest how, exactly, remaining in this sclerotic, anti-democratic behemoth is in our best interests.

Cameron likes to think of himself as the Heir to Blair. But when it comes to Europe, he’s the bastard son of Grocer Heath, sacrificing decent people like bass skipper Neil French for a seat at the lobster supper tables of Brussels.”

That another 4 million anglers and fishermen who could vote for UKIP. Remember Cameron cares about the Euro and not Britain and cares even less about England.

The EU has spent years chipping away at England and it wont be happy until we are totally submerged. This is one man who will never accept any further dominance by the New Reich, however they paint it.

Do not trust Cameron, he doesn’t love his country or those who fight for it.


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