Cameron – Clegg too

Here we are yet again, with the North struggling under the most difficult circumstances and why, for no other reason than we have not come to grips with the devastating  flooding by making enough money available to do the job properly in the first place.

Charity or otherwise  does not start at home with Cameron and Clegg, they are too busy strutting their stuff on the world stage.

They are giving our taxpayers money to others overseas whilst saying  “GET STUFFED” to those who suffer here.

What has happened to this country, we are run by the minority and have now become second class citizens. We need a new right wing government, but can we wait for the next election?

Cameron is out to betray us long before then, like the EU he has already decided that England must go.

Vote for UKIP and as for the other parties in the same mould, stop bickering; by default Farage has been singing this song for 16 years.

If you want to get out then get together.


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