Cameron and the game begins.

‘France and Germany could offer us a deal on migrant benefits’

How kind and totally predictable.  We know Cameron treats the indigenous population with almost undisguised contempt but does he really feel that he, and his treacherous cohorts think that we will fall for this deceit.

Cameron cannot in any way be trusted.

If we don’t know that now, then we in England will go down with the ship. His decision to stay with the Euro is political and has nothing to do with what is best for Britain. The Euro has failed completely in every way but what is worse is the migrant immigration into this country, we are being wiped out as a nation, particularly England. We all know it, but so does Cameron and he doesn’t give a damn.

The race to bring Turkey into the Euro will be the final straw, 75 million Muslim Turks will have access to this country and bearing in mind our economic strength they will come in their absolute thousands.

Soon Germany will be giving out residence permits to the hundreds of thousand migrants they have taken in and they too will make a bee-line for England, couple that to at least a million immigrants who have already worked their way in illegally into England because we cannot control immigration, and the writing is on the wall.

Remember the furore when Farage talked about the immigration of Romanians and Bulgarians, but a short period of time has shown us he was absolutely right; this however, is peanuts to what is about to happen when a Muslim Turkish state, many of whom support ISIS will be part of the Euro.

Cameron’s debacle in Libya and not forgetting  Sangin  in Helmand, where even now he is sending in troops to be slaughtered, and for no good reason. Cameron should realise that British troops aren’t toy soldiers to be moved around when and where he feels like it. They should be used for a very good reason and it is not playing games in Helmand.

Maybe  he feels that after a decade of indecision (yes a decade) a law protecting troops from greedy treacherous lawyers will be coming into effect, (perhaps?) but he is only doing this because a referendum is coming up and he wants to cement his pathetic little case for staying in.

If he wants to keep Britain safe then he should bring all of the government to bear on the radical and fifth column immigrants in this country and stop those who are continuing to sneak into this country. Putting them in hostels, giving them money and using the courts to give them extended stay is not the way to do it.

It is clear from the existing news that we are more than capable of not only holding our own but leading the way. Merkel has a strangle hold on too many British politicians, the question is why?

The truth is Cameron is not fit to be a Prime Minister and those who support him bring shame on us all.

Vote for Nigel Farage he represent the indigenous population unlike the current parties, particularly the Tory party,


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