Cameron & women front line troops

Cameron wants women front line troops because he cannot raise enough men in the territorial army. His suicidal effort to save money by reducing our forces has got him worried.

As for women in the front line he clearly hasn’t a clue. Women as sub mariners or based in a camp where they can come and go is one thing, but what about the real front line! I will give a couple of samples, when I was in the Parachute Regiment in Borneo we used to leave base camp and go over the border carrying 16 days special rations on our belts and water carriers etc and close on a 100 lbs in our bergen.

A 19lbs rifle and to top it all we used to cross grain, that meant going up and down steep hills so that no tracks were left. In ambush two men would lie side by side of up to 3 days, when you wanted to pass water you simply rolled over and did it (another reason for not having homosexuals,) It would be a truly special woman who could have done that.

What about the Falklands, could women again carry 70 or 80 lbs of kit, walk up to 50 miles and then fight; I doubt it.

Camerons PC brain will end up with special forces in particular, reducing their standards because women will not be fit enough. As for fighting there are endless examples of men going to the wall in a fight, that will not happen with women. Could some one tell this foolish man that woman are different and to forget the feminists. This will come back to haunt him.

It is time to put this man out to grass and above all it is time for MPs to come to front. Forget loyalty to the party this is about loyalty to our country.

Cameron’s stooge Douglas Carswell should now be kicked out of UKIP and back to the Tory party where he can hide like the rest of the spineless you know what.

Did you read the mail today, Hamed Said sneaked into this country hidden in a lorry. He has been given leave to stay for 5 years and is now waiting his wife to join him. In the meantime he is given a room for 18 pounds a week and benefits of £115 a fortnight. No doubt when his wife and half his family arrive they we get a house and a damn site more benefits. How many more are like him, we already know that there is now more than a million immigrants unaccounted for.

Listen to Cameron, Major and others like him and our country will go and we as the indigenous population will be wiped out.

Vote for UKIP. The writing is on the wall.


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