Cameron and Major

First of all Major should get back in his hole. He did enough damage with ERM.

Eurosceptics should now speak out, forget gags, have some courage. The public are sick of whining MPS who haven’t the guts to speak out.

Cameron is a complete and total lose.  What it must be like to have the whole of the Euro nations laughing at you, realising that you are totally gutless and a pathetic little man.

Isnt it a good job that the soldiers you put out to fight have real mettle, despite the fact Cameron and others will stab them in the back at the first sign of anything political coming at them.

We have got a real job defeating the in crowd at the referendum, first we have Cameron who will lie and cheat to obtain his end. Secondly we have the Marxist LABOUR who will call upon every immigrant ie Brown client state and not to forget the postal vote which has one thing in mind and electoral fraud.

The Electoral Commission will allow this anomaly to persist so all in all we are now going to have a system whereby Cameron, the EU (dishing out money to the BBC ) Marxist Labour and the electoral Commission will ensure the days voting and it’s reliability are gone.

THANKS TO TRAITORS we are about to lose our country.

Vote for UKIP the only people to fully represent the indigenous population.


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