Recent articles have branded Cameron as gutless etc, the truth of that is he is gutless, and a lot more beside that.

We should have learned by now that he is totally deceitful and places himself and his party above the well being of the country.

He is obsessed with staying in Europe, despite the fact that they are a failing and undemocratic organisation and above all a true menace to this country.

Like that scoundrel Blair he is determined to make his mark on the world stage, however, he is too late as we all know him for what he is; his legacy will follow him. Even the unelected and others in Europe have sussed him up as being full of you know what and will treat him accordingly.

His largesse with taxpayers money is nothing more than disgusting and as for his suicidal break-down of our forces, the man really should be brought to account.

Unfortunately Trump is right, there are more Muslims ready to fight against our country than we have British soldiers. Any man who has served his time in our armed forces will know that we can be overwhelmed very quickly on the battlefield. This is because we do have the necessary manpower, airforce and seapower behind us any more.

Our aircraft carriers and aircraft are not going to be much good in five or ten years lf we come under attack now, our enemies (and we have plenty, in and out of our country) are not going to wait whilst we balance the books. Cameron has failed to fully protect the country, sending money overseas whilst our forces reap the cost.

We should no longer wait for 2017 before the referendum, it should be now. We are already under attack by immigrants, If we do not know who we are letting in then it is time to bolt the gate. Our way of life is under attack from all directions, including our faith.

This is not an Islamic country, forcing us to eat our meat slaughtered by knives (sharp or not) allowing radical Imams and Madras schools to flourish and generally allowing Muslims to virtually do what they want, including a separate judicial system, is moving us towards civil disorder. This didn’t need to happen but thanks to totally gutless politicians who believe anyone’s culture and country is better than the one they live in, then they have sown the seed and it is growing.

Isn’t it interesting that the vote to ban Trump from entering the country was in excess of half a million but that was closely followed by 450,233 agreeing with him! But this was ignored by the BBC. Why on earth do they the call the BBC Auntie I do not know, after all they nothing more than left wing apologists.


We must vote for UKIP as they are the only one who speak the truth and represent the people.


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