There will be no hiding place” If that is not a direct threat to his MPS I don’t now what is. CORBYN talks about being reasonable but at the same time is allowing violence to those who don’t agree with him, sounds very familier to many of us.

Jamal Owda entered this country on the back of a waggon then proceeded to claim asylum. This allowed him to be given somewhere to live, weekly pocket money, free NHS and education if required.

Just another immigrant taking us for a ride but hang on, he then ochestrated  a major criminal organisation bringing in endless immigrants using forged passports and earning  7 million pounds. All under the noses of our police, border security and benefits system and was only brought to account thanks to info by the Greek police!

You really couldn’t make it up and now he is going get aid whilst he fights extradition to Greece.
The wife and children of a Jihadist should be granted British citizenship, this is the ruling of the London High Court, why? Wives and children should be sent home, this is another ruling which will make more of the indigenous population in England more radical.

Labour brought in the postal vote because they knew it could be manipulated and has been, further to that the immigrant population will certainly vote for Labour, they made sure of that, as such the immigrant population is now changing the face of Britain to the detriment of our Christian population.

The vote in the House of Commons to send further aid in terms of aircraft etc was over the top. Let us face it we were not looking at war, just an extention of a simple boundary. War is using ALL of our armed forces to meet a common enemy. The common enemy, which is ISIL is, despite all the rhetoric, is Islam. Semantics make no difference, the fact that it is a perversion of Islam is undisputable; it is still Islam and as we have seen Is supported by many Muslims.

During the last war there were many Prussians who took a different view to Hitler and his followers, but in terms of defeating them we classed them as one common enemy. Right now this country and others are under attack and we need to deal with it head on.  Those are against us should be deported without fail, but Cameron hasn’t the guts to deal with.

Migrants will get half of new homes, and that is underestimated, so Farage was wrong again then!! I have worked all my life for my pension, which is moderate and I still have to pay 20 per cent tax and yet these migrants come in who have paid nothing and generally hold us in contempt get a house, benefits and so on whilst many of the indigenous population struggle.

So we are still propping up India then, far be it for us to upset their Nuclear or space programme.

Good old Britain, let’s keep grinding our heels into the indigenous population.

VOTE UKIP how else are we going to help ourselves.


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