Cameron and Turkey

The EU is now bordering on insanity and Cameron and Merkel are nothing more than traitors to their respective countries.

Here we are with the Islamic death cult knocking on our doors and we are allowing an avowed Turkish leader to blackmail us right left and centre. Once the border is opened and the Turks flood out, and they will, as soon as they are given residential permits, flood into this country.

Soon they will be giving us the platitudes that they did with Romania and Bulgaria, and now we have over 50,000 here with a resulting crime rate;  TURKEY HAS PEOPLE OVER 75 MILLION.

Yet Cameron is a willing participant, he actually wants turkey to join us. What has happened to Britain, why are we spawning such evil people who have no faith in their country and are determined to undermine it; ignoring the will of the people.

I have no doubt anymore that this country will sooner than later be involved in civil disorder. Cameron is playing with fire. Like Blair he has brought chaos to Libya and now his gross foolishness is about to envelop us all.

We have only one chance, and I mean one chance and that is to vote for UKIP and get out of Europe post haste and ensure that Turkey and others who are here are dealt with.

From day one I have never liked Cameron but I never realised what an incredibly dangerous man he is, until now.

Vote for UKIP,  starting with Oldham. They are the only patriotic party that will protect England and it’s indigenous population.


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