It is clear that from the recent comments by Cameron that he has come off the fence, neutrality is out of the door.

We are now into scare tactics because Cameron has already lost the argument and has given up on our borders; come in Turkey, we will even pay you money to do so.

It is our national interest to be sovereign and England is not in need  of a New Reich to tell us how to behave; in any way shape or form.

How can anyone in England (apart from the left) subject themselves to an unelected totalitarian regime across the water. Soon we will be paying homage to the millions who gave the lives to put Germany back in their box but, for what purpose if we give our country away during the referendum.

Today we have  a British Prime Minister and his cohorts who are  desperate to have us under the heel of Germany again; a revolting act, a total betrayal.

We must never allow this to happen, whatever the cost. we should publish the names of all those MPs who are prepared to vote for the staying in. This way we can vote for patriots as opposed to those who are prepared to sell our country to an unelected regime.

The choice is simple patriots or traitors. Why vote for an MP  who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Of course the moment we are in we will see that immigration will soar to an unprecedented high, remember that the whole thing is a long term process of wiping out England as a nation and they will send over immigrants right left and centre.

We must control our borders Cameron has already succumbed with undue haste. He believes in Europe and not England.




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