The Lords

The Lords have come back and bitten Cameron on the backside. If he had done what he set out to do and reformed it, he wouldn’t have this problem today, however, like Blair he is always going to do something but never actually gets round to it.

Our forces are under attack again by avaricious lawyers because once again he was going to sort the Human Rights Act,  but he didn’t.

He was going to renegotiate prior to a referendum (forced into it by UKIP) but he wont because he is continually on the retreat. You can be sure that he will, however, make a deal with Merkel who is determined that Germany will rule, come what may.

We now have unprecedented numbers of immigrants on route to England interspersed with murderers, rapists, paedophiles and radicals; adding to the ones who are already walking the streets of England.  God knows how many actual ISIS are amongst these people. Our population is increasing at an alarming rate and as a result our social services are going under, schools, housing it is all under attack;

above all England is under attack. 

The EU is a complete and utter disaster and all Cameron can think of is how can I get past these plebs and do what I want to do; shackle England to a corpse.

Last night saw the Lib/Labour Marxist pact act like the opposition in the Lords. The Liberals have just eight MPs and have the audacity to counter the Chancellor of this country for doing what he said he would do, prior to the election. Marxist Labour too having lost the election saw fit to do the same.

Whether the Chancellor was doing right or not is not the point. The Tory party were elected and delivering their mandate, it is not for the Liberal and Labour party to circumvent the Tories out of spite, by acting as an opposition in the Lords.

Let us face it most of these people in the Lords are spongers picking up taxpayers money for doing very little. Far to many have nothing to give, no experience, no wisdom, just spite.

The Prime Minister should bring them to heel by getting rid of the inevitable dross that makes up the Lords. It should elected with the Lords representing the peoples votes. On the other hand Cameron will come up with another speech and do a bit of fancy footwork and we will still see the unelected still coining it.

Are we ever going to see a party in this country that actually represents the people! I suggest not under the Tory party and certainly not under the Marxist Labour and the pathetic Liberals, who despite all still want us to be receptive to any migrant who wants to come in.

Vote UKIP, for Gods sake, can we not have a party who represents the English Nation.



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