“Democracy must take second place to the higher imperative of euro rules and membership.”

So says Anibal Cavaco  Silva, Portugal’s constitutional president, he has refused to appoint a Left-wing coalition government even though it secured an absolute majority in the Portuguese parliament and won a mandate to smash the austerity regime bequeathed by the EU-IMF Troika.

This is the EU that Cameron and his cohorts are yearning to join, where is the democracy, the truth is there isn’t any.

Every day that passes makes it quite clear that we shackled not just a corpse but that it is already quite putrid.

Yet Cameron cajoles the corporations to leave, they who have everything to gain and nothing to lose, low wages and more profits. Unlike the people of England who have everything to lose.

 He wheedles his way to get Obama on board and manages to persuades (how?) Xi Jinping the Chinese president to put his oar in. So what the hell has it got to do with them! This has to do with the indigenous population of this country.

The real problem is that Cameron cares not a jot for the plebs but he does care about Merkel and an unelected regime across the water. He has no faith in the English speaking peoples and has shown us that he, like the Marxist Labour and the Green party  is totally on board with diluting England and its people, with unfettered immigration; where ever it comes from.

If we stay in the EU then England will be wiped out. Germany has waited 70 years to grind us down. Who would have thought that they would be virtually sponsored  by a British Prime Minister and his useless and ineffectual MPs.

This referendum is only possible because of Nigel Farage and UKIP. Without him Cameron would spit in our faces and totally ignore the electorate, we should remember this.

 This is why we should vote for UKIP and its patriots, a party that truly represents the people of England.



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