Cameron says no to sugar tax, despite not having read the official report he put in place. This is not surprising because he is too close to the conglomerates who run the food markets.

Just like the banks who brought ruination to our country, with no one being brought to account, it is the establishments and the EU that are foremost in his mind, after all it is these who will back his inordinate desire to stay in the EU.

Juncker has just stated that;

“The European Union faces an age of comparative economic decline”

the comment  shackled to a corpse was never so true. Further to this European Commission Officials have said Cameron’s key demand that benefits will stop for four years has proven to be complete and utter nonsense. He may have it a few months, no more.

Everyone knows that Cameron’s demand for renegotiation Is nothing more than total rubbish. We know it, his MPs certainly  know it but above all Cameron knows it.

There will never be a stage where Cameron will lend his weight to leaving the EU. He will lie and cheat to achieve his ends. This man is not fit to be a Prime Minister because he is not Patriotic; He is a Merkel’s man and wedded to the EU whatever it may cost his country.

The new tactic by people smugglers sending economic migrants to Cyprus will achieve their aim. They will achieve it because this government is completely gutless. Really they should be put on a boat or whatever and be sent immediately back to the camps. What we will actually get his Cameron’s platitudes and they will end sucking our life blood away, which is what most of them do.

Is it surprising that the right wing is gaining ground everywhere. Look at what has happened in this country, the left have infiltrated everywhere, the BBC, charities, establishment, church and judiciary and have brought us nothing but ruin.

It is time for the right to take over and represent the people of England who have been ignored for far too long.

The Tory Party, Marxist Labour, Greens and the SNP are more or less the same. It is time too for the Scots to get out of our lives and the rest of the parties relegated to the back benches.

Vote UKIP if you want your lives back, freedom of speech and social services we have paid for.

English first, the Scots are not the only ones who are patriotic.



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