Britain’s treacherous Prime Ministers

First we had Blair and his cohorts who misled parliament, then led us into war which cost the lives of at least 147 British soldiers and others maimed. At the last count over a hundred thousand Iraq civilians too; I wonder how many Hail Marys that took.

More recently Brown sold off our State owned British Energy  to the State controlled French Power giant EDF.

Then Blair and Brown sold off Westinghouse the worlds leading expert on pressurised nuclear reactors to Toshiba for £3.5.

Today we have a deal where EDF and China will build a new nuclear power plant at Hinckley. Cameron will tell us that we will benefit, but we all know the real truth. We are now in hock to a violent regime in China and a French State controlled power giant who will have no qualms about squeezing us dry in terms of energy costs.

We have also had a Scottish Cabal under Blair who whilst in office and since  has denigrated England.

Then there was Brown who sold off our gold at the bottom of the market, encouraged immigrants and multiculturalism to the detriment of Christians, and was part of the system that brought in nearly four million people, again much to the detriment of England. Despite Brown and others rhetoric most of it was a deliberate attempt to lower the indigenous populations wage bill by giving our jobs to lower paid workers from Europe. Yet they still vote for Labour and Marxism!

Cameron too is fully aware that this will continue and he is now compounding this by lending his weight to bringing Turkey on board.

Sooner than later immigrants in Europe will be given EU passports and that added to Turkey and we will sink under the mud, which is the foul and unelected EU.

This is what will happen because we do not have anyone in power who believes in England any more and Cameron heads the list. He is blissfully unaware of England’s concern because he can only hear that little voice in his head that tells him; this is what I want.

Cameron and others have turned us the English into courtesan’s and are selling us to anyone who has spare quid; they do not believe in England only themselves.

They have made fools of every one of the indigenous population in England. We are most unfortunately,  blessed with traitors at the highest level.

The only way out is to vote for UKIP Patriots otherwise we will be subjugated and ruled by Germany.

She lost the last two battles but is within an ace of winning the war.

Don’t vote for traitors. Remember all of those who died for us, vote for Patriots; Vote UKIP.



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