A truly sad story

The sight of children washed up on the shore is heart breaking but we cannot take endless immigrants, the more you take in, the more there will be.

Britain is now being pushed to take more, but we must remember that, thanks to Labour we have taken on board four million, yes four million people. Our social services are at breaking point, NHS, housing, schools etc.

It is politicians who have made this mess and now they prance around not knowing what to do. The first thing they must do is to get together and concentrate their forces and deal with the people smugglers. It is truly disgusting that these people are still earning money by trading on people’s misery.

The second thing is to bring in the United Nations (as useless as they are) and sort out Syria.

As for Pakistan, India and Africa we should not take any more of these people unless we take them under a well thought out points system. A quick look at the BBC and Sky and it is beginning to look Prasar Bharati  I wonder how many Brits are employed there by the way.

It is time for statesmanship and Europe along with America should go in and sort these countries that keep sending these people out of their country instead of looking after them. Africa in particular has had its hand in our pocket for far two long, and the charities who keep them going are themselves much to blame.

Who are these people who support Corbyn, this man is an apologist for those who murder people on a daily basis, that alone is enough to wipe him out of the political scene. Those who support him are as bad has he is and they ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Cameron has changed the question, and quite rightly. This man want to drag us into a totally failed institution because it suits him politically. Remember these people care nothing about their country only their well being.

Vote UKIP a party that fully represents the people.


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