Enemy within

Hungary and Australia are doing the right thing by protecting their borders and putting their people first. Our government spends all of it’s time playing silly b—-s and have no idea what to do next.

If ever there was a reason for getting out of this foul and evil organisation called EU, then just look at the absolute mess that they have made of mass immigration. Can you imagine if we were completely in and there was a European Army, and we  came under attack. By the time Juncker finished off his drink and Germany and France got round to it;  we would all be dead.

Cameron is prepared to do anything to keep us in this monstrous thing which has spent most of its time trying to destroy us. The true enemy of England is within our government. MPs whose true purpose in life is to feather their nest and secure their future and the Lords practically full of sycophants, all capable of grasping more money in a day for doing absolutely nothing; this is more than most people earn in a week.

Cameron and his so called conservatives do not have their country at heart and it is about time we learned that unmistakable truth.

It is time to vote for a true and patriotic party called UKIP, a party that represents England and its people.

As for the left they are run by foolish people, so what else can you say.

Why are we spending another half billion on Faslane. Scotland will go and we should start building a new submarine base in England. Spend the money in England and produce more jobs here.



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