No balls Cameron

This is not new, we have all known this for a long time, not only that but Merkel and Juncker are well aware of it, which is why they walk rings around him.

It will not be long before the immigrants, especially the Muslims will start telling us where we have gone wrong and why we should change our ways.

We are now facing unprecedented danger, as a Christian country we are slowly but surely being wiped out and our way of life will soon be a thing of the past. Blair was instrumental in taking it forward by attempting to turn us into provinces, thus starting the EU move on destabilising England.

The last government carried the move forward by introducing repressive legislation.  Did we not notice that all of a sudden if we cracked the wrong joke, make an innocent remark, express a religious Christian opinion you could find yourself, at the behest of some Labour leftie dragged through a court or tribunal, there you would be publically berated and humiliated by the people who were once there to protect your interests.

The judiciary, are they still on our side?  As for the police they were intent on sapping your will; and still are. Be quite, shut up and say nothing controversial and you will be OK.

Once again have we noticed that any complaint against you (if you are an ordinary person) you can be sure that the police will drag you away, without due regard to your age and hold you to account. What on earth happened to guilty until proven innocent! Have you ever heard a politician comment against this.

We had the Magna Carter but the EU, with Cameron’s blessing have stymied that with the EAW; which brings me back to Cameron. He is not interested in England, he is interested in big business and it is big business and Merkel who guides him on his way, taking every last vestige of English independence away from us.

The EU a failure both economically and morally, a complete and utter disaster, flooding   our country with the worst form of despots and terrorists whose aim in life is to destroy us whilst living off our backs. It is clear that Cameron is deceiving us on a daily basis, it is not his country he is worried about; its getting what he wants.

The country is moving inevitably towards violence whilst our Prime Minister and his pathetic cohorts prance around with the proverbial finger stuck where it shouldn’t be.

Vote UKIP, have you noticed that Farage has been right all along. I for one will never vote for traitors.


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