American soldiers

A brave attack by American soldiers disarmed a terrorist. Soldiers are taught to make instant decisions and this one saved the lives of countless passengers and presumably them also. They deserve great credit.

Can you imagine if it had been a train on the way into London, those who would have tackled the gunman would have been the first be arrested, had their fingerprints taken and spent hours in a cell. The gunman under health and safety laws would be taken off, given breakfast and his weeks spending money.

These men were given bravery medals almost instantly, here they would be charged with assaulting and tying up a poor little prisoner.

Am I being a cynic, well the truth is no, we have lost our sense of justice and the police and judiciary make that obvious on a daily basis. We are now a mecca for murderers, rapists, paedophiles, mugging, you name it they are all on the streets and paid for by the English foolish taxpayers.

Vote for UKIP, Farage speaks the truth too but he is under attack from the BBC and the left. Corbyn’s obsession with political murders and religious hatreds is more attractive to these people, that is until you need to rescue them.



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