Theresa May

Theresa May another pathetic MP or Home Secretary done up by the French. What is it with British MPs who are so easily fooled. I am sure that the French cannot believe that the imbecile English MPs are so supine.

We have got to get rid of these people especially Cameron who has no interest what so ever in the fate of England.

Voting for UKIP as the main party is now an option.

Those who support Corbyn are by definition anti-Jews, support radical Islam in it foulest form. support the IRA who have murdered over 3,000 people here, attacked and tried to eliminate Thatcher and her government and so on. Is this what we have come to, what is wrong with todays young people. They need to experience what violence really is and not just read about it.

Corbyn is not only a fool, which is why the Unions and (judging by the lack of response by the BBC) back him. Can you imagine what the BBC would say if UKIP declared an interest in the above. It would never get off the air.

VOTE UKIP. Nigel Farage would make a better MP and Prime Minister than Cameron; he is a patriot.


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