The sale of Great Britain

GIP are selling London Airport and already the consortiums are vying for space. If you have money our governments have no qualms about putting Great Britain up for grabs.

The EU backed by Cameron is intent on destroying for ever our ability to control our borders, because they are well aware that it destroys Nations and they can (as they already do) step in and take total control. The EU is a foul organisation.

They are of course stupid because, as in the last war they have forgotten that the indigenous population will fight back; and we are not a nation to be taken lightly.

We now have people who have decided (or not) that they have had enough of ISIL and want to come back to the UK. They must never be allowed to return. Unfortunately Cameron is in charge and has no feeling for England and would sell his grandmother rather than rock the boat.

Am I alone? I am so sick of what is happening in England and how we are treated so badly, and taken for granted. What is the point of working hard and then have any rag -tag-and- bobtail coming into this country and getting it all for free. Now they believe that violence is in order and we should get out of the way!

Now is the time to vote for UKIP, the Labour party are being consumed by their own monster and our government is prepared to hand us over on a plate to the EU. As far as they are concerned we are nothing and it is all the fault of our treacherous politicians; It is time to bring back hanging.

A great country is being destroyed by its own people. It is the fault of our politicians and no one else.

Vote UKIP they believe in us and our country. Don’t let the left, centre left and immigrant vote to destroy our country.



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