Cameron, Mr Deceit

One in six of the workforce are from overseas! when the apprentices are ready for work, where will they get jobs?

This is another of Cameron’s knee jerk moments, all of it designed to keep the plebs happy, but nothing actually works. The only thing that will really work is to bring immigration right down to ten or fifteen thousand. He cannot do that of course, so he has abandoned it.

He now has a new trick up his sleeve

 He is going to manufacture a row with the French President to make it look like he is defending our interests.

We can only assume that the French President will go along with this in order that Cameron puts his seal to EDF building a new power plant next to the old one at Hinkley point.

Can you believe his lack of sincerity, I know I can.

We all know that renewables sources such as wind farms etc. will not keep the lights on, ask Germany.  We are closing down all gas and fired power stations (thanks to ED’s policy, my God the damage Labour have done to us) in actual fact we need more gas fired power stations to back up renewables, it is cheaper and a damn site more reliable.

Nuclear power needs to run all of the time, it is called ‘Baseload Electricity’  we need it when the wind doesn’t blow etc. renewables are a waste of time as you still need power plants, so how could our government be so idiotic.

Our energy policy is foolish and Cameron is prepared to give the go ahead when the President of  China visits Britain in October. What else can we sell off, what else can our pathetic little politicians give away to foreigners. Boneparte or Germany didn’t need to conquer England, English politicians are  giving it away.

We used to be a Great Nation, now we are being sold off piecemeal by snivelling MPs and their leader who talks big and carries a little stick. MPs should be made to go around with traitors stamped on their foreheads. They should also be forced to spend a year in France where they could be taught how to protect their countries interests.

At the next election Labour will be in its heartland, a Commie and or Marxist party where they can sit on their brains whilst the world goes on. We on the other hand can be the second or first a party. By then the people will have realized that UKIP does have their interests at heart and Dan Hodges can do a naked fandango on the steps of the Albert Hall.

Vote UKIP and vote for patriots.



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