Rooked and put upon.

We the indigenous people, are under attack in every way possible in England; what the hell has gone wrong with this country.

The Lords and parliament bring nothing but shame upon us, greedy ravenous politicians, but what is worse is the fact the majority of these people have turned their backs on England. We have far more traitors in our government than leaves on a tree.

Our Prime Minister is forever making speeches but does nothing at all to protect his country, he is more concerned with Merkel and the EU. More concerned with dispensing aid to corrupt countries whilst others suffer here.

We are under assault from immigrants whose main aim in life is to get ashore and live the good life without ever having had to pay a penny.

People are struggling to get along whilst immigrants swan it in hotels, get pocket money whilst they are waiting for the good times, which will certainly come along.

The opposition is typical in that they have caused this problem and all they are concerned about is the use of our tongue, don’t say this word or that word, denying us the use of our language. This is the party of repressive legislation and this government is going the same way.

We all knew that we have an International Health Service, bring them in and the English will pay for them. In the meantime NICE decides who will live or die because we cannot afford to spend money on the indigenous population.

We are under a real threat from terrorist both abroad and most importantly here, but our government hasn’t the courage to deal with it. The terrorists go off overseas to get their training then come back here to plan their assaults, supported by many of their compatriots, and we let them; the mind boggles.

The left wing unions and their supporters are determined to bring this country down whilst our government whistles in the wind. Have we forgotten that it was the unions that made us the sick man of Europe.

Above all we have the EU, The New Reich who have done so much damage to our country whilst we sit idly by. How many moles does Merkel have in our government.

We must dig ourselves out of this hole, before the people of this country react and they will.

Remember that the only people who are prepared to raise the flag for England are UKIP and their supporters, and we already know that there at least 4 million of them, with more to come.

This is our last chance we must vote for UKIP and leave the EU and then address those who have deserted our country.



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