The French attack

The French are not about to be blamed for the Calais problem and they are absolutely right.

It started with the Labour (where else) and has been compounded by an untrustworthy and cunning  Cameron. He has had 10 years to sort out the Human Rights Act but failed.

He has failed because his mind is on one thing alone and that how can  he tie us into the unelected regime called the EU, despite our opposition.

He is afraid to tackle the French because he needs them on renegotiation and to him that is more important than rampant immigrants forcing their way into our country; affecting all our social services and housing.

Cameron has already given up controlling our borders and by the way he has three holidays to catch up on, so over to you Mr Hammond; tell the plebs that everything is OK.

How did we get such snivelling gutless politicians in our parliament.

What a mess our R.A.F. is in thanks to the total and utter incompetence of our ministers. We are the fourth largest economy and we have ended up with a pathetic line of defence. Under the circumstances the R.A.F. will not be able to protect our interests and the defence of this country. This is treachery most brazen from those who are there to protect us.

We need a strong right wing party like UKIP to protect the indigenous population from the spineless fools who have taken hold.

Much worst will come if we let Cameron drag us into that failed totalitarian New Reich across the water.



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