Cameron the speechmaker

We have now seen Cameron’s mettle, he is unable to cope with the huge amounts of economic migrants, and yes, they are swarming in.

He has had 10 years to deal with the monstrous human rights act, introduced by Labour; a party who brought this problem upon us.

Cameron talks about everything as if he is on top of it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Can you imagine the joy on these people faces when they see those who have made it sunning themselves in the grounds of 4 star hotels with £70 bedrooms, 3 meals a day and pocket money.

Why aren’t they in a camp waiting to be deported back to their first port of call and the criminals who took their money. Let us not forget that they have paid thousands to gangs yet end up on our shores sponging off the English.

Cameron and the HS are afraid to point the finger but that does not dissuade the French from castigating us every day. They know that English ministers are totally gutless at all levels. Personally I am so ashamed of their impertinence, taking our money, sitting on their hands and doing nothing.

We have the House of disgusting Lords and a parliament who shame us all. Greed, that is what they are all about.

As for Cameron he is not fit to be our Prime Minister; Mr Do Nothing.

We can see that we must have a strong right wing government to look after the indigenous people. I am sick of being taken for granted. It is time to fight back.



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