Riding Roughshod

Cameron is already contemplating a PR on the English nation by outlining and exaggerating the risks to leaving the EU. He will blitz the people, creating fear so that people will be afraid to leave the European union.

We have now seen that the Germany and the EU are wholly prepared to use bully boy tactics, followed by brutal force on one of its members. Democracy and the EU simply do not go hand in hand and we would do well not to forget that.

A leak has shown that Cameron’s so called reform list is designed to please the EU and not to seek positive reform for England.

Cameron and his party should be clear about one thing and that is if you ride roughshod over the people of this country you can expect them to fight back.

He has already shown us that he is prepared to do that, thrusting the marriage act down our throats for example. This man has no judgement and soon he is going to go too far by acting as a delegate for the Franco German Axis; forgetting that he was elected as a British Prime Minister; not a member of the German Bundestag

Four million people made it clear that we want out of the unelected regime across the water. Those four million have now seen Germany’s hand and the fact that it is still prepared to impose it’s will for nothing more than political expediency.

It has now become irrational to stay in the EU, it is tearing nations apart, free movement is detrimental to us and we are now wide open to the most violent terrorist movement ever, because we cannot control our borders.

Foolishly Germany too, has now made Greeks an implacable enemy; so much for peace.

Britain must retain it’s sovereignty and prepare to defend itself against the Islamic threat that now exists in England.

It is time to get out of Europe and time also to tell America and Obama to shut up and stop interfering with the internal politics in Britain. We have already seen what American foreign policy does and it is not pretty.

Vote UKIP a voice of reason and sound commonsence.


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