Self sacrifice

Wolfgang Schauble the German finance minister is telling Greece to prostrate itself at the feet of Germany, added to which he is demanding that they hand over 50 billion of Greek assets to be sold, presumably by the State Development Bank.

It was Germany who slaughtered hundreds of Greeks at Distoma (it was a truly foul deed) because they dared to protect their country by killing Germans. Eight per cent of the population of seven million had been killed, 10 times the death rate for the UK during the war. The Germans continued to strip  the country of livestock and everything else that could be moved; railways, roads, bridges, ports, had been destroyed, as a result over 300,000 Greeks died. They also forced a loan out of the banks which, in today’s term would be about 60 Billion.

Today’s coup has shown us all that Germany has not changed. Schauble is beating the Greeks into the ground, then stamping on them. The method has changed, that’s all. The Greeks (despite their economic incompetence) do not deserve this and should tell Schauble to go to hell.

This is the regime that Cameron is hell bent on us joining, why? The truth is that Cameron’s eye to the future is one, which is on par with Germany. We have seen that the EU is apoplectic about the Greeks refusal to lie down, but that has more to do with the danger to the EU because they cannot refuse not to bail out the Greeks otherwise this unelected, political totalitarian regime might fall apart.

So why is Cameron watering down his proposals for renegotiation? when right now he could demand everything we need. The EU cannot afford to have us out because they would dead in the water.

It is because Cameron is clearly wedded to Germany and the EU; he does not represent us or our interests, he represents Germany, and his cohorts in parliament are following and supporting him.

 It is my belief that we have the most unpatriotic government in our history.

Queen Elizabeth 1st of England would have had their heads off, that’s for sure. She inherited a bankrupt and ruined nation, however, she pulled it and the people together to give us the Elizabethan nation known throughout the world for it’s greatness.

In today’s world we have English politicians led by a leader whose main claim to fame is to give our English Nation away to an unelected and totally defunct political regime across the water; whilst claiming to look after our interests.

The benefits we get by being part of this enormous regime borders on nothing, if anything it has held us back. The EUs main aim is to destroy the English nation by any means possible. The Franco German axis will do what ever needs to be done.

Vote UKIP. They have changed the face of politics in this country and will continue to do so whilst protecting our interests. Watch Nigel Farage.


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