How to kill a country

1/ The EU brought Greece into its fold for purely  political reasons, knowing it was the wrong thing to do.

2/ They then usurped its sovereignty by getting rid of an elected member and putting in a Troika.

3/ The Greek people have been fighting for sovereignty and freedom but without avail.

4/ The mighty EU and creditors has bullied and cowed them into submission.

 The land of democracy is now dead.

The EU now has an implacable enemy in Greece and I have no doubt will pay the price.

This is what Cameron is fighting for, he is not ashamed but I am for him and his compliant cohorts in parliament.

They should have cancelled the Greek’s debt and sent them back to their old currency.

Still the New Reich will take heart and France as ever will submit to Germany.

Cameron will continue to do Merkel’s bidding whilst pretending to negotiate.



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