No if no buts

The Government has backtracked on its plans for English votes for English laws, promising a redraft of the controversial proposals and postponing a Commons vote until at least September.

What a surprise

Vote UKIP and get an English parliament. Do not rely on Cameron to look after England, he has already been firmly ensconced in Merkel’s handbag and now he is reeling under the first blows of the SNP and Marxist Labour.

In my book Sir, We Are At War written in 2000, (15 years ago)

 Chapter, Barcelona September 26, page 213 I said this

 ‘Unfortunately most of Scotland, quite clearly anti-English, has moved even further away from us fully embracing devolution. We on the other hand have suffered an almost totally Scottish Cabinet and ministers since the nineties which, as we all know has been quite clearly to the benefit of Scotland and the detriment of England. whatever, it is fairly certain that Scotland will elect to stay within Europe and we of course will respect that

  ‘I happen to believe, however, that in a number of years from now they will request to re-join the union. If that transpires they will not continue to receive privileges over and above England as they do now, neither will they be allowed to vote on issues that affect England and not Scotland’.

Yet they are still calling the tune, it is time for us to kick them out of the Union and lets see how they get on.

An English parliament with patriotic English MPs. The English have been kicked around for too long it is time to call a halt.



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