Greece Democracy and England

Greece has told the EU and Germany that they will not be cowed by overt bullying. For too long the EU felt it could over-ride and dispense with national governments and overtly weaken direct democratic accountability. In this, our society we elect our government and expect them to stick to the manifesto they put forward and protect our interests.

The EU and our governments past and present, have told us in no uncertain terms how necessary the EU is to promote peace and stop war breaking out etc. Our rational side was overridden and we have listened for too long. What we now have is a despotic power by a relatively small amount of people and all for their own corrupt purposes. They have not brought peace but they brought disharmony between nations, now we have a benign totalitarian state who has one aim and that is a new governing class to rule Europe; a New Reich.

Times however have changed and so too have the people, this New Reich will not last a thousand years it will be lucky if it lasts out the year.

Merkel has too many moles supporting her and her desire to rule Europe; this is now quite clear to all of us. Where are the English patriotic MPs in our parliament, God only knows, whatever we need a right wing government in an English parliament. There is no other way.

The threat to our safe being has changed, Islamic fundamentalism has already passed the barbarity that we witnessed during to last war and the enemy, unfortunately, is now in our midst. There are many Muslims who are against what is going on now but there are far too many Muslims who condone it. Saudis and Wahhabis have released a new and frightening terror to the world. For all that our government is supine.

Putin makes jokes (or are they) about his nuclear arsenal and the fact that his tanks don’t need visas. He has already annexed part of Ukraine, what will we do if he decides to test our response in a more, shall we say active way.

Michael Fallon is presiding over a defence budget knowing full well that is not sufficient for todays needs, he talks about air strikes against Islamic fundamentalist, yet he knows that we are not able or prepared to do anything other than bluster. We all now know that we are at a perilous stage in terms of our defence yet we have not heard his voice.

Cameron has taken us down this slippery staircase and is continuing to go on down. He is playing with the defence of this country and making speeches whilst supporting corrupt governments by using aid that should spent on our defence. It is immoral.

Our government has become weak and lacks the will to confront our enemies. Once again (how many more times) our newspapers have brought it our intention that an al-Qaeda cleric, a key influencer of the Islamist fanatics lives in a leafy suburb in fashionable West London. He gets £50,000 a year in handouts to look after his wife and children. Why is he there, why hasn’t he been deported. Forget the courts, the EU and every other apologists, they should deport him and his family with immediate effect and others like him.

They government should not be surprised that we hold them in such contempt. They are weak and like I said lack the will to do their job properly. We are subject to unmitigated terrorism and there is much we can do to protect ourselves. The truth is we are now in a society where we practically have to police ourselves, unless of course we try to protect ourselves from danger then the police suddenly manifest themselves.




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