We are at war.

What makes us think that we can isolate good Muslims from bad ones as if there was a stamp on their foreheads that states I’m a good Muslim.

We are dealing with a doctrine which has no place for those who are not believers, believe or face the consequences, that is Islam. They are quite ready to live with us at arms length until such time as they are able to hold us to account. In the meantime they will instruct their children that it is Islam that will save the world.

We like to think that the problem lies with lack of education and Imams steeped in the past, this is rubbish of course. The educated Muslim has shown his face on a number of occasions, showing us that barbarity is not confined to the uneducated masses.

So who can we trust? the answer I believe is no one. The Muslim philosophy cannot be tampered with, you cannot negotiate with Islam in any way shape or form. One way is the soft approach the other way is based on barbarity, but they are both heading the same way.

Whilst we are spending futile money on schools they are still teaching Islamic faiths, fundamental British values to Islam are regarded as a joke.

Everyday the Wahhabi schools dispense their nonsense to their students who then pass it on to those who are vulnerable. Will we stop them, I doubt it. Someone only has to shout witch hunt and it will be all over. Whilst the education department would roll over a Christian school they will not do the same thing to an Islamic school.

Vote UKIP. Look at the mess the last government and this one have made on religious dogma. Now we are picking up the pieces.


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