Cameron is at it again, sword raised he is ready to rush into Syria, except he has lost the top third of his deadly weapon. Don’t worry, said Cameron, we will go in in with a ‘full spectrum’ this time.

A full spectrum what does this mean, are we talking about war i.e. air sea and land forces. Are we looking at a co-ordinated attack by Western Forces and middle eastern powers. Or are we looking at another disconcerted move by Cameron, a man whose lack of judgement has shown to be lacking on too many an occasion.

Here we have a man who has depleted our armed forces by a third, we have aircraft carriers without air fighters. Air fighters by the way that cannot seem to get of the ground let alone lift off an aircraft carrier due to it’s endless problems.

We cannot patrol our seas, unless we borrow someone else’s capability. Without controlling our seas we are dead in the water, Hitler knew this, 76 years ago.

Despite their ability our Tornadoes are on their last legs and we await the much aligned F35b which, according to real experts does not match the Typhoon Eurofighter.

What about pilots are we training enough, we have  long since past 7 or 8 hours flying time before going up to die. Didn’t we cancel a hundred training places under Cameron.

According to our military experts we are not ready to fight any war, the phrase is ‘hollowed out’, and I am quite prepared to take note of what they say. Our defence should not take second place to an aid programme which puts our money into corrupt countries and bolster those who then spend on their defence.

I have no faith at all in this man.



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