Semantics the study of meaning in communication. We in this country all used the idiom ‘calling a spade to be a spade’ in other words telling it like it really is, absolutely nothing to do with racism.

Now we have a Prime Minister following the path of others by calling the Islamic State ‘Daesh’ which stands for Dawlat al-Islamiyah fal- Iraq wa al-sham.

Jemaah Islamiyah is a South East Militant Islamist terrorist organisation dedicated to the establishment of a regional Islamic Caliphate. So call it what you will it is still an Islamic organisation seeking to establish a Caliphate.

Muslim communities may like to distance themselves from this by advocating a name like ‘Daesh’ which is meaningless to all and sundry.

ISIS are calling it an Islamic State, so playing semantics is a foolish waste of time. What is next, are we going to call schools in England teaching ISIS doctrine (Wahhabism) Islamic Studies for the good of man or perhaps we could call it ISFTGOM, get your tongue around that.

The Prime Minister said we must go to the source and deal with ISIS it from there, OK lets start from there, close down right now all Wahhabism schools, deport immediately Imams preaching violence and fine universities who allow violent Imams to preach. Deport too all those who deny our freedoms and democracy and deny access to those who go off to fight then try to come back.

Will he do that, of course he wont, this man is a speechmaker with no guts to do what we all know is  right. Behind him are MPs who know which side their bread is buttered. They too will make a lot of noise but nothing will come of it, it the meantime we are totally besieged with unsuitable immigrants, Romanians using the 7/7 memorial in Hyde Park as a toilet and so it goes on and on. We are now up to 300,000 thousand people whilst Cameron does his ‘no if no buts speech’.

There is nothing Cameron wouldn’t do to get us into the EU, even the queen reading her script has told Merkel that she is now virtually an EU citizen. She has accepted that the oath of allegiance sworn by MPs is on the way out and that we will no longer be subjects of the queen. In actual fact it means nothing now, police, the military the church etc. are wasting their time swearing an oath because the queen is no longer sovereign. The EU say nothing because they don’t want to ‘rock the boat’.

Presumably she will soon have to swear an oath to the new Reich or German Chancellor, now doesn’t that take you back to the films where we saw the German Military swearing an oath to our friend.

Let us face it, the Queen too has given up on Britain and that is what she meant in her speech in Berlin. No wonder Merkel beamed and her poodle Cameron was clearly over the moon. England has been ditched by those who were meant to protect us, deviousness is the order of the day, play games with the indigenous population, by the time they wake up we will have them.

A right wing patriotic government is what is needed. Truth we need truth and you will not get it from Cameron.


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