Harriet Harman’s equality act

Sir Tim Hunt’s so called sexist comment, despite his reputation has cost him his job, yet the woman who made the claim is herself subject  to false claims.

This is another ugly Marxist Labour law which can be used to discriminate against men. The law is subjective, however, Harriet will not be concerned about that. Misandry that is what she is about, just another tool to beat men over the head with.

Women like her seem to have an over-riding hatred of men. It didn’t use to be this way. Why do the women of today hate the men so much? God knows but lets face it, women are where they are today because of the terrible sacrifices made by men over many decades.

Now women feel they can and do flaunt their bodies to get their way but take away the Botox, innumerable bottles pills and aids and they are nothing. Some of these women are about as close to porn as you can get, what about their children, when they are old enough they will wonder why their mum flashed their private parts about so much. They have lost so much dignity.

I am sick of women running down men and it is about time that the male population should now take them on. Name them and shame them and warn men not to go near them or give them help. Watch out for any sexist remark at work and sue them, if its equality they want give it to them.

Thank god that women were real women when I was young enough. They gave as good as they got and they didn’t have to flash their gussets to do it.


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