Doomsday Strategy

It can be argued that since the end of the Second World War that the Western world has been kept safe by the fact that the nuclear option was a doomsday machine; a doomsday strategy.

No one dared use it, even now where Putin is foolishly  threatening other nations with it, because he knows if he used it then Russia would cease to exist.

Now the world is staring into the abyss, and this time it is real. The Islamic state will not be bound by a doomsday machine, whatever it’s form. They will use it, it is only a matter of time. They have the money and presumably the men with the necessary intellect. The fanatics at the top who will throw all reason aside and follow their code.

For example if they are able to use a device or extreme chemical weapon in Paris or London then there is no doubt that they will use it and count the cost later. They have learned that they are up against leaders and their governments who have forgotten what it means to fight for their lives and whilst they are procrastinating they will do the deed, and many will die.

We are now foolishly bound by the law which protects these people whilst they plan their atrocities. In England we watch them go out to the east to fight and train, then we allow them back into this country and become part of a fifth column, this I have been arguing about for years; and it is only part of the problem.

So many at the top are saying this is not an Islamic problem, it is no more than a perversion of Islamic faith. That is guileless. Nothing illustrates that better than Sky News this morning where they interviewed Wassim Bel-a-Del a fellow student who  knew absolutely that Rezgui was part of a 5 man cell Jihadist group. He clearly had extensive knowledge about what was going on, yet he chose to say nothing and as a result many died. He is typical.

This is the problem with Islam and it’s followers, in England Islamic Imams who preach violence are allowed to do so by the Islamic Communities.

Wahhabism is preached in Islamic schools and this is even worse because there is little between ISIS and Wahhabism. Abd al-Wahhab the founder argued that all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader or a Caliph.

those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated.

 He said Apostates who merited death included the Shiite, Sufis and other Muslim denominations; because he did not them consider to be Muslim at all. Does this sound familiar?

So Wahhabism taught in schools is nothing more than ISIS doctrine. There is much waffle used at the top by politicians and other foolish people if it was not for the dedicated security services many people would already be dead or dying.

We are at war, it is as simple as that, and in war the you must do whatever is necessary to protect the people and the country. Right now the politician are playing at the edges, when the right tool becomes available ISIS  will use it and we will not be talking about dozens being killed here, it will be many thousands.

The Caliphate is virtually in place, Abd al-Wahhab code is being followed to the letter, right down to the individuals like Rezgui in Tunisia.

Maybe Saudi is now using its might to alleviate what is going on but there is still far too many in Saudi who adhere to Wahhabism and schools teaching it abound. Are they banning Wahhabism in school in Saudi, of course not, so there they are fighting it, because they fear it but at the same time promoting it via their school system; and what is worse is so are we!

Saudi weekend schools are promoting it across our country, up to 50 of them. Thanks to Saudi dress code we now have the headscarf, the hijab to the full all-enveloping tent-like burka, is everywhere when there is no Koranic ­justification for this.

We allow it to happen because we haven’t the guts to do anything about it. There is much we can do if we had a leader able to bite the bullet and ban these schools and the extreme dress codes, that would be a start. Ban too those who go off to fight from coming back. Islam communities in Britain could themselves ban Wahhabism being taught in schools and get rid of Imams who preach violence; but they don’t; why not?

What we have been listening too in this country is too much hyperbole as what is going on outside of Britain and complete lack of action by our politicians as to what they can and cannot do in this country.

Vote UKIP this country needs a right wing government and the same applies on the continent.


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