Cameron sets out his stall for renegotiation, during a ‘commercial break’ after dinner!

From the word go he is treated like a pest, because that is exactly how he is viewed. In colloquial speech, he is a bloody nuisance.

Ever closer union is what the EU are about, this committee of 29 countries last night couldn’t agree on what to do about thousands of illegal immigrants flooding to our shores. Is it any wonder that Russia is now quite happy to beat us over the head with the threat of nuclear weapons.

The disarray in Europe is there for all to see, whilst Cameron is once again on his high horse running around Europe and doing his best to convince that he is on our side, things deteriorate in England. The threat to our country is palpable, from Russia and the IS. The now trained and funded radical Muslim fighters in England. Economic migrants from Africa and elsewhere determined to get on our shores by whatever means.

The pretence has gone, we can hear them on a daily basis telling reporters us that they are coming for money, housing etc. etc. Our way of life is under threat like it has never been before, once they are here you will never ever get them out.

Romanians which Nigel warned us about have gangs who are running amok. I choose the word carefully because they are now frenzied and out of control.

We need a Prime Minister with enough guts and steel to sort things out quickly and stop wasting time on a pretence mission with the EU. Why is it that he is the only one who thinks he is going to change it.

They have told him, no treaty change; his response ‘duh’

That’s right no treaty change; ‘duh’

Vote UKIP look what what this deceitful politician and his MPs are doing to us and our country.


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