New Labour MP

I watched Daily Politics headed by Jo and we were introduced to Catherine West the new Labour MP.

There must be a secret finishing school for aspiring female Labour MPs that we have yet to hear about. Catherine West is a typical sour faced Labourite whose every sentence is punctuated by failure and where the Tory government has gone wrong.

Catherine also has this awful habit of interrupting again and again with failure, they are have let us down etc., like a drum beat that never ends.   She runs absolutely everything down and you could end up thinking you were in a third world country. instead of living in the fifth largest economy.

The part Labour played in all of this she now classes as history! She is clearly one of the ‘It wasn’t us guv’ 

We can all look back and remember Yvette Cooper being interviewed, it was like sitting in on an endless re-run of Labour claptrap and propaganda.

This is why the public dumped them at the last election, Marxist party ideology first, country second. They have absolutely no idea.

Vote UKIP and keep voting for it.


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