It has started

Schultz tells us that ‘facts are twisted, Sweeping generalisations made. Outright lies told. Then those lies are repeated, again and again until people start to believe them.

He goes on to say “What makes me sad and angry in all this debate is the undertone of national resentment. Hatred is spread. People are used as scapegoats.”

Dear me doesn’t that ring a bell, isn’t that what the Germans said and did during during their reign of terror!

Le Monde urged Britain to stay in Europe because leaving would be a “Waterloo”. and “The country which cornered Napoleon cannot succumb to Nigel Farage.”  all of this in English!

Can you imagine a French newspaper printing in English that we cornered Napoleon! they must have choked over their morning chocolat and croissant; did they clear this with Francois Hollande?  Perhaps the French are more concerned with CAP funds and us keeping inefficient French farmers alive and well.

OK so Cameron has Schultz on his side and the French swallowing their pride (no easy feat) and now he is ensuring that the civil service who have been traditionally neutral, something we have all been proud of, are now brought into the ring. So he has now gone much further than Blair, he has now made them, the Civil Service, the enemies of the people and democracy; using our money to distort the referendum.

Cameron is showing us all how he can be a bigger and better dictator than the unelected regime across the water. Like Gay Marriage he is forcing us to accept his completely distorted view of being a Prime Minister of Britain.

Let us face it the so called referendum is already a complete and utter farce, which is exactly what he fully intended to be. The question on the referendum form (which is where the deceit starts) is do you wish to:

“remain a member of the European Union”. 

The answer is simple every UKIP member should pass one comment in answer ‘Farce’ and the UKIP title should be changed to ‘The English Revival Party’

What can you say about English MPs who are prepared to scrap who and what we are for money and patronage. They deserve everything and anything that comes at them. I loath them.

UKIP more than ever.


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