Muslim Fathers

I have worked in Saudi and I can tell you that two women with 9 children between them getting around and swanning of to Medina doesn’t ring true. There is far more to this than meets the eye, apart from which we are getting to a stage where the media and others are being sympathetic about Muslims running of to fight or whatever, Why?

I am sick of these people, most of the children are brought up in houses where it is made clear to them that we in England are simply tolerated for now and that manifests their attitude towards us. Apart from a few educated and aspirational Muslims they walk around in the same dress as they did back home; there is never any intent now or in the future whatsoever to join our society.

We now have clear Muslim ghettoes and that is exactly what they want. The Labour party who helped them to fast track into this country and looked after their interests to the detriment of the white English population have much to answer for. These are the only ethnic communities that no one wants, wherever they go they sow dissent.

Above all what is it about these people who celebrate violence in its most heinous form.

Why are we worried about those who go off to join this so called caliphate. They all know what they do, yet they go, so why on earth do we want them back.

Violence in this country between the Muslim’s and our community has only been delayed, it is now inevitable.

If they leave then deny any access back into England.



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