Rigged Elections

Why are we so surprised that Cameron is on course to rig the European referendum, he is simply following the same course by New Labour who  introduced postal voting in a clear attempt to gain votes.

Let us not forget that we do not have an independent administrations on elections, i.e. no Electoral Commission it is all run by local authorities. The returning officer is virtually the chief executive of the local authority. Ask yourself when did you last see a chief executive who was not party political. For example how many chief executives in the North are Tory or otherwise; not a lot.

The introduction of postal voting ensured absolutely that rigging was an essential part of any voting system. The vote you originally  had was placed in a little container and no one knew what it was, however, under postal voting anyone at home could see and did see your intention and therefore others could determine what vote went in to the system; and did. How many Asian women were told exactly how to vote or other ethnic people under their leaders thumb.

This is why the Labour Party are able to garner votes by giving people what they want ( at our expense) and move forward. Politics is no longer honest, honesty is for idiots.

Cameron is more than tricky, he is a past master at deceit and has no intention whatsoever of losing this vote. He has already committed himself to the EU and will work with them to do what ever is necessary to deny us our rights. Only a fool would think that Cameron intends to give a fair vote. He was pressured into it by UKIP, a party that has changed politics for ever in this country yet the left and far too many of the so-called right wing papers continue to cast aspersions on it.

Even the so-called right wing are concerned only with their own idea of democracy, likening UKIP members with pub politics. What a shame that we didn’t have proportional representation, think of all the Dan Hodges running around with their trousers off.

What is worst is the MPs who shout a lot but who are actually totally in line with Cameron. There are no true blue English MPs any more. Patriotism has gone out of the door, money is the order of the day along with patronage. Quite frankly they all disgust me, in particular Cameron.



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